The Problem is the Solution

Often, solutions to web problems are not too far away. It’s refreshing when both the problem and the solution are well-defined. Also when the client walks away knowing how to solve it next time.

Last night:

Hi Jesse,

Nick is out and I have what I hope is a quick question about adding color to text in our fluid-hybrid template.

I’d like to add

style="color:#C52031; font-weight:bold;"

, but it is not a paragraph (our/your template avoids them) and it is not a hyper link. I could use

<a style="color:#C52031; font-weight:bold;">TEST</a>

What do you recommend?

In short how do I make text bold and red?

This morning:

Hi Will,

Sorry to not respond yesterday. I was out of the office. It’s a quick fix, though—just use a


tag around that text with your style attribute, like this:

<span style="color:#C52031; font-weight:bold;">TEST</span>

Later in the morning:


Great! Thanks. Just what I needed. I didn’t see any use of


in your code, so I didn’t know. Awesome.

Keep asking, learning, & doing—that’s what the web is all about.